Every child must become a SAFA member before joining any programs. Membership allows the perks and benefits SAFA offers.
The SAFA membership fee is 300 RMB per year beginning August 1 and ending July 31 which covers the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer season. Memberships allow player to purchase any SAFA product from our online store for the value of 300 RMB.
Parents must fill out a registration form to register for programs with SAFA. After registration is complete, parents are encouraged to pay via WeChat or Alipay for easy and safe processing.

Our coaches are not permitted to accept payments so please ensure all payments are made before the first class otherwise spots may not be guaranteed.
Note that registration includes an agreement to SAFA terms and conditions and a waiver of liability. A child registering for programs with a specified age group shall register for the appropriate age group and according to the program description for that activity. No child may apply up or down an age group without approval from SAFA management and the head coach of the relevant program.
Programs will operate regardless of the weather conditions except for extreme inclement weather (i.e. lightning and/or poor AQI).
Decisions to cancel a class may be late and it may not be possible to contact all parents in good time. In the event of a weather related cancellation, including poor AQI, SAFA will make the best effort to offer a make-up class. However, make-up classes are not guaranteed. In either case, no refunds will be given. 
The index to cancel the classes by AQI will be 200, taken into account 2 hours before the start of the scheduled session.
If a program is cancelled prior to its commencement, for any reason, a full refund will be given. Should a program be cancelled after it has already begun, a prorated refund or credit will be offered.

If a child attends 50% or more of any scheduled program, no refund will be given. SAFA will provide prorated refunds starting after the 5th session, the first 4 absent sessions are not refundable.